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Online-Fortbildung (englischsprachig)

Online-Fortbildung (englischsprachig)

ACCP Education


ACPPM Australian College of Pharmacy Practice and Management


AKH Inc. Advancing Knowledge in Healthcare


ANHI Abbott Nutrition Health Institut


ASCP American Society of Consultant Pharmacists


ASHP eLearning


BPS Board of Pharmaceutical Specialties


CPhA Canadian Pharmacists Association CPD Programs


CoDEG Competency Development and Evaluation Group  Pharmaceutical News and Information. (Linkliste zu CE, keine eigenen Lektionen)


CPPE Centre for Pharmacy Postgraduate Education Pharmaceutical Continuing education (frei)




Impact Education. Education for the Managed Care and Payer Professional.


JCEHP Journal of Continuing Education in the Health Professions


Medscape Pharmacists CE Programs


MultiMedia in Pharmacy


NetCE Continuing Education for Healthcare Professionals


Nuclear Pharmacy. University of New Mexico. Pharmacy Continuing Education Portal der APhA


Pharmacist Schools - Continuing Education


Pharmacy Choice Education: CE


Pharmacy Continuing Education (meist kostenpflichtig)


Pharmacy Times Continuing Education (frei und Gebühr)


PIM Postgraduate Institute for Medicine


PJ Pharmacy Learning Centre


Power-Pak Communications CE (frei)


PRIME. Continuing Medical Education for the interprofessional Team


PTCE Pharmacy Times Continuing Education (frei und Gebühr)


Purdue University. Pharmacy Continuing Education Distance Learning Home Page Pharmacist Continuing Education


RPS Royal Pharmaceutical Society Professional Development


Rx Consultant (Gebühr)






University of Kentucky. CECentral


University of Leeds. Lifelong Learning Center


University of Minnesota. Online Learning Opportunities


University of North Carolina. Continuing Education. School of Pharmacy


University of Potchefstroom, South Africa.

Honours B.Sc. in Pharmacology. An Internet and Web-assisted distance learning programme.


University of Saskatchewan, Canada. Continuing Professional Development for Pharmacists (CPDP)


Universtity of Texas at Austin. Continuing Pharmacy Education


WCPPE Welsh Centre for Professional Pharmacy Education